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Hi! We are sisters who’ve joined forces to bring you services & products to encourage healthy habits for better lifestyles in a candid, unique and playful way.  We’re both Professional Belly Dance Instructors and Performers that teach weekly Belly Dance Classes for fitness, fun and because we absolutely love it!  RaqSisters was born because we especially love to work together. Our latest RaqSisters endeavor is bringing Belly Motions Belly Dance Classes to a neighborhood near you! We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey.

Would you like to host RaqSisters at your venue? Let’s Connect, We’ll Shimmy!

Fun Fact: “Raqs” means "to dance” in Arabic… does RaqSisters make a little more sense now?

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Miss Luisa

Belly Motions® Belly Dance Fitness (BDFIT) Method
Kids/Mommy & Me Belly Dance
AFAA, CPR, AED Certified

Miss Luisa is a professional Middle Eastern Dance Instructor, Choreographer and Performer and is currently the Director of Business Development and KIDS Programs at Belly Motions and Co-Organizer of the MIAMI RAKS FEST.  She teaches at various Outreach Programs and is also an Adjunct Professor for Middle Eastern Dance at the University of Miami.

A dancer for over 13 years, Miss Luisa’s graceful, emotive and charismatic style is masterfully presented through her classes and performances as she elegantly transforms Belly Dance into a fantastic, lively, and inspirational experience for children and adults alike.

Miss Luisa carries her warm-hearted and uplifting enthusiasm into her classes where she encourages students to focus on the health benefits of Belly Dance, many of which include improvements in self-respect, self-awareness and overall body image.  She has implemented the Belly Dance Fitness (BDFIT) instruction format since January 2007 with continued extensive training thereafter, and as a result has enjoyed a successful career as an instructor for many years at Belly Motions and beyond including RaqSisters.

Miss Luisa holds a Masters in Architecture and Bachelor of Design from Florida International University.

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Belly Motions® Belly Dance Fitness (BDFIT) Method
Lebanese Dabke

Alexandra is both a Visual Artist and Middle Eastern Dance Artist that naturally embodies both art forms in her dance and visual arts projects.

In 2005, at the age of 15, Alexandra was introduced to Middle Eastern Dance by Portia Lange, founder of Belly Motions,  during a time when belly dance was rising in popularity all over the world and would quickly become infused with a “Miami Flavor” and international Miami-scene.

As a Middle Eastern Oriental Dancer today, Alexandra strives for authenticity, spice and juicy flavor in her own style. With over 13 years of experience performing, teaching and continued education her work is an homage to the legends of Middle Eastern Dance such as Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Nagwa Fouad, Samia Gamal, Fifi Abdo to name a few.  In her classes she guides and encourages students to explore their own uniqueness.

In 2014, Alexandra began her continued & current studies in Lebanese styles of Middle Eastern Dance under the guidance of Lebanese Simon, with whom she traveled to Lebanon with in 2017 for an extensive studies program.

In 2018, Alexandra one 2nd Place in the Oriental Soloist Competition as well as 1st Place in People’s Choice at Gulf Coast Raks in Houston, Texas.

Alexandra recently founded the Belly Dancer’s Art Club, a place where Belly Dancers from all levels can learn to paint and draw using their passion for dance as their muse.

As a Visual Artist Alexandra has worked with a wide range of mediums from ink, watercolor, fabric, sculpture and today primarily works with oil paint. Her works include a series of  tea and dancebelly dance, and the Calligraphic Dancer series in which she formulated a “dance language” with a unique “alphabet” inspired by Belly Dance movements and Japanese Calligraphy.

Alexandra resides in Miami and holds dual-degrees in Fine Arts and Art History from Florida International University (2012).